ICC proposed new financial model for year 2024 to 2027

Icc proposed new  finance model for year 2024 to 2027

According to the new finance model of icc recently published, icc is going to earn a whooping amount projected around $600bn dollar.

BCCI projected to earn us $230mn per year in icc new finance model of the year 2024 to 2027. In recent  cycle of ICC , BCCI is going to charge 3 times more  than previous finance cycle of ICC.

Company Disney star has purchased the broadcasting rights of icc events for india in us$ 3bn in that cycle. That is a huge amount.

BCCI share has increased from 22% to 38.5%  in recent finance model of icc.

The following are the share of respective teams per year:

Afghanistan                 us$16.82 mn              2.92%

Australia                       us$37.53mn               6.25%

Bangladesh                  us$26.74mn                4.46%

England                        us$41.33mn                6.89%  

India                              us$231.00mn             38.5%

Ireland                         us$18.04mn                 3.01%

New Zealand               us$29.38mn                4.73%

Pakistan                       us$34.51mn                 5.75%

South Africa                us$26.24mn                 4.37%

Sri Lanka                      us$27.12mn                 4.52%

West indies                   us$27.60mn              4.58%

Zimbabwe                      us$17.64mn              2.94%

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icc finance model for year 2024 -2027