Decathlon No.1 Sport Retailer Company

‘Decathlon ‘ sports no.1 company established in  the year 1976.decathlon has business in more than 70 countries.

Decathlon has total market cap approx us$18bn. Decathlon registered a 12% growth in the recent financial year.

Decathlon company founded by Michel leclercq in the year 1976. Michel got the idea at the age of 35 in the year  1975 to open a huge sports centre that changed the sports industry. Within a week he was joined by six more people alias as gang of seven. In the year 1976 decathlon opened its first ever sports centre  at lille in france.

Decathlon comprised of ten sports track and field events. Its each sports store has comprised an area about thousands square feet. Each store average size is around four thousand square feet. Each sports centre has huge parking facility and sports ground of its own for checking the quality of the products.

Decathlon has around 40 brands , they manufactured their own products and tested by their own. Decathlon has more than 1600 repair workshops around the world.

Decathlon has more than 100 store in india. First store was opened in bengaluru. around  60 % products are made in india. In india decathlon has a business around 4000 cr rupees.

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